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Welcome to the Dog Project

Today I was browsing around looking at different blog widgets and came across a link to cafepress. Cafepress is where you can put your own logos or designs (or photos) on things, and sell them. That started me thinking about what on earth I would be willing to wear on a t-shirt. Certainly not my art. It would be pretty lame to walk around wearing a t-shirt of some of what I've drawn.

Then I realised that what I WOULD buy, and would really enjoy having, would be a coffee mug with my dogs' cameos on them. One for each.

THEN I started thinking that I should make a cameo of every breed out there, because I really enjoyed doing it for my two dogs. I COULD set up a cafepress store and sell them on coffee mugs (or whatever else, but I still think it wouldn't be so hot on a t-shirt), but I'll have to see how it goes. I really did enjoy making them, and they didn't take long at all.

So it's a plan. I'm going to start at A and do every breed, and then see what I can do with them.

I am posting this because (not that I have many followers yet, but I think my mom especially might be interested) if you want a specific breed made first, priority, etc. then say so here, because I'll totally do it. If you happen to want one of your dog specifically, just link a photo. (I would still do a general picture of the same breed, and yours would be exclusive to you. It would also be helpful to let me know what you want the dog to do - i.e. sleeping, playing, sitting...) FREE of charge.

(FYI, these images are small, maybe 400 pixels wide at most.)

I don't expect to get many bites on this, but I thought I would throw it out there. I'm just going to start at A for now :)


  1. Ooh, I think this is a fabulous idea! You have a unique style that would set this apart from the norm! You could set up a store on or even list them on ebay. Just fuel for thought...You might also like to do a bit of research on marketing yourself! Still, a most wonderful idea. You could probably also order a small set of business cards with your dogs on them and drop them around locally or put them up on bulletin boards. I love that you are letting your imagination soar!! (And I'd buy them of Gio, Oscar, and Tessa!)

  2. I'll make you some if you link (don't email, you know I don't check it) me their pictures... I know what color Gio is, but not his exact markings... etc. And they are free, they would only cost money if I decided to put these things on mugs or something, and even then, it would only be the cost of the mug - making the image itself wouldn't cost anything.

    Oh, and I wouldn't put the custom images on mugs unless the requester wanted it on one for themselves personally. Mostly, the custom ones I figured people would just post in their sidebar like I did if they wanted them.

  3. Let me know how much the mugs are (I would want them on the mugs) and I'll link for you. You should charge something for your time and effort, Jess. No point otherwise...I would think people would like the uniqueness of your style. Otherwise they could just order the mugs themselves with their own photos, right?

  4. The mugs are $15-$18 depending on how big you buy, so they are already pretty spendy. I would probably throw another $2-3 on them for profit if I really ended up setting something up with it.

    For now, it's fun, I don't care about money - it's not like it would ever be a huge enterprise (although stationary would be pretty awesome, but who uses that anymore?)

    I was thinking about the watch I had when I was a kid with the little german shepherd on the face.

  5. Can't figure out how to get you an image or see a store...

  6. I don't understand what you are having trouble with - just upload a picture to your photobucket and post the link here (is that the problem?) To see a store, just click on the dog in the posts. So if you want to see the Doberman store, click Doberman in the link list, and then click on it's picture.


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